My experience


Over the last twenty years, I have held several leadership positions in the financial field in large companies and SMEs, both in France and abroad.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people like myself, with hopes and dreams, who were often—if not always—constrained by two factors: time and money.

When it comes to time, everyone asks the same questions: Is now the right moment? Will I have time to achieve my life goals? My answer? I think everyone should pursue their dreams!

As for money, however, my answer is simple: it is manageable.

I have always been a manager. I have “managed” companies, corporations, and accounts. In these roles, I quickly realized that I have the ability to analyze, anticipate, and advise both superiors and shareholders.

Today, having recently celebrated my 40th birthday, I feel fortunate to be pursuing one of my own dreams: to help people plan for a bright future!  

I’d like to extend a special thanks to my wife—she provided the inspiration for these words that so aptly describe my values and practice at GD Conseil: I help people make their futures bright!

Financial Investment Advisor, member of the CNCIF
Licensed Real Estate Professional
Bank Transaction and Payment Services Broker
Intermediary Insurance Representative


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